Rhode Island Lottery

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The Rhode Island state lottery was inaugurated over 40 years ago on March 1974. It came to life after a constitutional amendment that was brought forward managed to get implemented. By this time, it was the 9th US state lottery to be formed. The lottery itself is run and organized by the Rhode Island State government and Rhode Island lottery commission respectively. It is one of 47 US State Lotteries & District Lotteries that offer the RI Powerball game and Mega Millions RI.

Rhode Island Lottery established 1974
First Rhode Island Lottery ticket bought in 1974

The RI Lottery was sold on April 1992 just as soon the Powerball game was introduced. The transaction of selling the lottery happened when it was already in the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). By then, they had been a founding member of the association selling tickets for Lotto America – the Powerball forerunner. The Rhode Island Lottery also regulates RI sports betting and RI casinos.

In this review, we will go through the various RI Lottery games in-depth, how they can be played as well, and the current promotions and prizes they have. In the meantime, you can look at some of the various features of the Rhode Island State lottery as illustrated in the table below:


Rhode Island Lottery Review 2022

Rhode Island lottery Details
Welcome offer Get free daily credits
Secondary offer (e.g., games, slots, etc.) Free daily games and spins on slots
Other promos Free bingo games daily
System requirements Any with a supported web browser
Payment options ACH, PayPal, major credit cards
Customer service Email support and a FAQ section
Last verified Sep 5, 2022


Currently, the RI Lottery is selling tickets from its 1200 retailers all over the state, and their HQ is at 142 Pontiac Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920. Rhode Island lottery also participates in two of the world’s biggest lotteries namely Mega millions RI and Powerball. These are the huge multi-state United States lotteries that a lot of people take part in. Besides, they have many promotional offers for players and also huge varieties of lottery games that can also be played via the Rhode Island lottery mobile app.

Rhode Island Lottery Games

Rhode Island Lottery Games

RI lottery is one of the biggest lotteries. It’s no wonder they are constantly supplying games with the potential to turning locals into millionaires, only if they hit the lucky numbers right. In case you did not know, below are some of the different games that are offered by the Rhode Island lottery. So, if you have ever been interested in getting the bag through lotteries, these are your coolest options if you are within Rhode Island;

Rhode Island keno

The RI Lottery’s Keno game is played in three different ways – regular Keno with top prize marked at $100,000; Keno Overtime with a top prize of $500,000 and Keno plus which has a huge jackpot amounting to $1 million.

In all the three versions of the game, you will have to choose up to a maximum of 10 numbers to play. Winning depends on the amount you place on the wager plus the number of spots (numbers) you are playing with.

The game always starts at 5:00 AM EST to 12:44 AM EST every day except Sunday, where it starts at 7:00 AM. Mark the dates on your calendar and take part in any of the three if you want to get lucky!

Rhode Island Powerball

Powerball is a Multi-State USA Lottery that is operated across the USA by Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). It is among the biggest games in the world because of their astonishing jackpot record of $1.58 billion a while back. Up to now, this is the largest sum ever won in the history of the global lottery. What would you do if you won such a massive amount of money?

Well, wishful thinking aside, all the drawings of the Powerball start at 10:59 PM EST on Wednesdays and are aired on Sunday on WPRI-TV 12. The tickets for the Rhode Island Powerball can be bought at any time but only until 9:50 PM EST on the drawing nights. Just like Keno, winning on the Powerball tickets totally depends on the numbers you have on the tickets.

Rhode Island Powerball jackpot takes off at $40 million in each drawing, then increases by $10 million until somebody is lucky enough to land the jackpot. Furthermore, there is a new feature that you can use to increase your chances of winning the jackpots; The Power Play. With this feature, you can increase all the non-jackpot prizes. For instance, if you purchase Power Play then you manage to match 5/5 white balls, the outstanding prize will increase from $1million to $2 million. How about that?

Other Rhode Island State Lottery Games

Fortunately for the Rhode Island locals who have a thing for the lotto games, there are many more games available out there besides the Rhode Island Keno and Powerball. Some of the other games that you can also try are discussed below;

Lucky For Life

In the RI Lucky for Life game, you have a chance of winning a top prize of $1,000 per day for the rest of your life. Imagine getting a grand with every dawning day! Well, the second prize is rated at $25000 per year for life. Besides, there is a guarantee that you will be receiving these prizes for 20 years.

To play the RI Lucky for life, you will have to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 48 and an additional Lucky Ball number between 1 to 18. You can draw Lucky for life at RI Lottery every Monday and Thursday at 10:38 PM EST. Why don’t you try your luck this coming week?

Wild Money

Wild money is among the RI Lottery progressive games with a starting prize money starting at $20,000. Because it is a progressive game, the price increases until one lucky winner hits the jackpot. In playing the game, you pick five numbers from 1 up to 35, and if you match them all right, the jackpot is yours. The wild money drawings take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7:29 PM EST.

The Numbers Game

The numbers game has a top prize of $25,000. To play it you must first choose your game type from the 4 digits Numbers game, 3 digits Numbers game and back three digits game. Then, choose your bet type by specifying whether you want it to be straight box or combo. After that, place your wager and pick your numbers as per the game type you chose.

Other than the $25,000 prize, you can also utilize the Instant match features that allow you to win up to $500 instantly. The drawings of the Numbers Game take place two times daily. The first one is at 1:30 PM EST every day, and the second one is at 6:59 PM. It’s another favorite lottery game for Rhode Island locals.

Rhode Island Lottery Promotions

Rhode Island Lottery Promotions

Like any other gambling platforms across the globe, the Rhode Island lottery also offers some interesting deals to the most enthusiastic participants. Below are some of the promotions available at Rhode Island. Just know that you must be a registered member in the Ri Lotto VIP Club to take a chance on any of these promotions.

The Voice Instant Game and Second Chance Promotion

To participate in the promotion, you must first buy non-winning ‘The Voice’ tickets. They cost about $5.

Here is the description of the Gift hamper;

  • A Las Vegas and LA trip for an opportunity to win $ 1 million
  • a seat at the finale of The Voice live.
  • Free tickets to attend Billy Gilman private event at Twin River.
  • You can also win $50,000 cash

Cash Frenzy

In this promotion, you are placed in a booth with a frenzy of money whirling around you. So, all you have to do is grab it within 30 Seconds, and the money is yours! Remember that the entry period for this promotion starts from March 4th, 2019 to July 23rd, 2019.

In the Frenzy booth, you can also find out how much money you want to snatch by entering the 13-digit code located in the latex of the following non-winning RI Lottery Frenzy Tickets

  • $50 Frenzy (Game #169) – 1 entry
  • $100 Frenzy (Game #170) – 2 Entries
  • $500 Frenzy (Game #171) – 5 Entries
  • $2,000 Frenzy (Game #169) – 10 Entries

Ballgame Giveaway

In the promotion, you must enter a non-winning Rhode Island lottery Loteria Instant Tickets with Game Numbers 124, 157, and 167 to win a number of prizes. They include baseball prizes which have tickets to Red Sox and Paw Sox game.  

The Five drawings will take place starting immediately from now to June 5th, 2019. Once the promotion ends, a total of 60 winners will be drawn. Besides the Free Red Sox tickets, you will also attend an event at McCoy where you will be given a free Baseball bat.

Theater Tickets Giveaway Promotion Act Two

Here, you stand a chance of winning Theater tickets to Providence Arts Center for award-winning shows. The entries to this act take place from February 19th to April 16th, 2019. As the promotion goes on, there will be 3 drawings, and a total of 12 winners will be chosen then awarded a pair of tickets along with a parking pass.

To stand a chance of winning the promotion, enter the Second Chance Code in front of your RI Lottery tickets of Lucky for Life game.  As a reminder, don’t include the spaces when entering the codes. You will earn entries based on the amount of money you have wagered. For example, a $2 ticket will result in s 2 entries, and $10 tickets will result in 10 entries.

Patriots Red Zone Replay

Buy and enter non-winning instant tickets into draws for an opportunity to land on goodies such as Patriots Super Suite, Season, and VIP tickets, stadium passes for Ultimate Gillette, and $35K cash.

How to play the Rhode Island Lottery Online

If you are wondering on how to start playing Rhode Island lottery online, then follow the steps we have described below.

  1. Click any of the links we have provided on this review so that you can be redirected to the RI Lottery main site.
  2. Then, click on the “Register” button to begin your registration.
  3. In the registration section, you will create your login credentials plus your important information on any of the fields provided.
  4. Once you have finalized your registration, you will then choose the lottery game that suits you.
  5. After that, you will buy the tickets, enter the numbers and try your luck.

Bear in mind that to start playing at Rhode Island lottery, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Rhode Island lottery Online Payment Options

Thanks to the RI Lotto online services, you don’t have to travel to the nearest Rhode Island agent to buy tickets. Instead, you can simply visit the Rilot website and buy a ticket there.

If you are wondering which payment methods you can use ACH or credit and card options like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Card if you prefer using e-wallet options, you can use PayPal.

Rhode Island Customer Service

Every time people play the lottery, there are often some problems that they face in the process of playing. Or maybe, they may not know how to carry out a particular task in the game. Which is why Rhode Island lottery has a well-organized customer support team responsible for helping players who might have such problems.

There are many different ways you can use to contact their customer support. You can get hold of the Rilot support team via phone, email, FAX, and a Winning Numbers Hot-line. Check out their contact information below;

  1. Phone: 401.463.6500
  2. Email; [email protected]
  3. Fax: 401.463.5669
  4. Physical Address: 1425 Pontiac Ave, Cranston, RI

If you feel like giving feedback on any of their services, you can reach them through their email address and share what you think about the Ri lottery

Rhode Island Lottery App

If you are not able to access any RI Lottery stall where tickets are bought, then you are in luck. They have a mobile app that can be used by Rhode Island residents to check the progress of their tickets from anywhere around Rhode Island. And by the way, both iOS and Android players can use the RI Lottery mobile app. This is because it is available in both Android and iOS versions.

Rhode Island Lottery App

Downloading the RiLottery Android app

Android users can get the RI Lottery Android app directly from Google PlayStore.  Therefore, you can simply search for it on the PlayStore then install It on your device. Alternatively, you can just visit the RI Lottery website and move to the mobile app section. Then select the Android version of the Rhode Island lottery by clicking the Android app. You will be directed to the Google PlayStore where you will install the Rhode Island lottery to your mobile device.

Downloading the Rilot iOS App

Similarly, the iOS version of the app is available on the iTunes Apple Store. Just search for it, and once you got it, you can download it on your iPhone or iPad. Or you could just go to the mobile section on the RI lotto website and click the link for the RI Lottery iOS app. After clicking the link, you will be taken to the iTunes App store where you will install the app.

Rhode Island Lottery Results

After the results are already out, viewing them can sometimes be a hassle to players who may not know how to check them. At RI Lottery, they always post their results on their website at all times. Just visit the Rhode Island website and click on the “Winners” Tab and view all the results and the names of the winners. You can also check these results via the respective RI Lotto mobile apps.

The Verdict

From the start, the RI Lottery was aiming at raising money to benefit both the citizens and tourists of the Rhode Island Ocean state by offering them innovative and exciting lottery games. Things have not changed up to date. The net returns are still used to fund Education, Human Services, Natural Resources, Public Safety as well as supporting the residents by paying part of the Federal and Rhode Island state tax.

So, other than opening yourself up for chances of hitting thousands and millions of dollars in rewards, in one way or another, you’ll also be giving back to the community. Why don’t you buy a RiLottery ticket for games like the Mega Millions RI today?