New England Basketball: Bet on Boston Celtics

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The Boston Celtics team is without a doubt among the most successful basketball clubs in the NBA’s history. They have managed to win over 17 Basketball Championships as well as multiple dynasties ever since they started playing back in 1946. This is higher than any other basketball team in history!

In this current season, they are looking forward to winning their 18th championship title. From the look of things, they are the best-suited team to get it this season. If you are a huge fan of betting on basketball, we encourage you to bet on them because they have the best odds of being the victors of the Eastern conference. Read our New England Basketball Betting Guide to find out how to back your favorite team.

Bet on Boston Celtics

General Overview of the Boston Celtics Team This Season

If you look at this season’s roster for Boston Celtics, the first question that will pop up on your minds is: Can they manage to win this current season? Well, they currently boast of an amazing ‘fleet’ of players on the offensive and the defensive side – and so, they are among the few teams that can do this.

One of the many reasons why the team has a high chance of lifting the trophy is the fact that they have top-tier players coming off the bench in the coming matches. And the cherry on top of it all is Brad Stevens; he has done nothing but lead the Boston Celtics to one successful season after the other since 2013.

Their coach Brad Stevens has been improving the team’s performance every year over the past five years to the NBA league. He managed to take the Celtics four Post Season and only two losses to Lebron James in the finals. Now that Lebron is out, Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and West will start this season.

So, back to the question–are the Boston Celtics team worth a penny of your betting money? Well, yes! Let’s take a much closer look and see why the team is worth your time and money.

Player Performance Overview

Here is an overview of the performance of some of the top players of the team;

The best defensive player: Al Horford

There are a couple of players that do a great job in the defense section, but Horford is the pillar that holds the defense. He played a big part in helping the Celtics finish the season. Cheers to him, the Celtics managed to finish the season with an NBA-low defensive overall rating of 101.5. He protected the rim and largely defended the win at any instance necessary.

Top playmaker: Kyrie Irving

Even though he wasn’t available in the last quarter of the previous season and the playoffs because of minor knee surgery, he made a significant number of buckets before going. He managed to get a double-digit lead on the points per game at 24.4. He also made a very efficient mark raising 49.1% from the field and 40.8% from three. Then he led the team in assists at 5.1 per game and also in a free throw at 88.9%.

Better yet, Kyrie got an average of 23.9 points in all the wins he made and 25.5 points in all the losses. In all the above wins he made, he successively notched 5.5 assists and 4.7 in all the losses.

Boston Celtics Next Season Team and Predictions

After carrying out a thorough analysis of this remarkable team, looking at its coach and the current players, here’s a base projection of the results we expect by the end of this season:

Projected Finish: 62-20, Position 1 In the East

Weighing the strengths and weakness of the Celtics team, there is no reason why the team cannot manage to reach the 60-win tableland. The biggest competition they have on the East side is 76ers and the Raptors. But Stevens has greatly fine-tuned the team to beat them all. From the details available, we are also predicting that there will be a rematch between Celtics and Sixers in the Finals. And it will end with Celtics winning the game.

Boston will Finish as the NBA’s No. 1 in Defense

Last season, San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz allowed lesser points in each game. By this time, Boston’s superstar, Hayward was not even present. And he is always known to guard numerous wing positions. Other than Hayward, they also have Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown. These two can be a nightmare to the opposing team after proper guidance from Coach Stevens.

Boston Celtics’ Last Year’s Results

Below is a table of how the Celtics performed in the Atlantic division and Eastern conference games in last year’s 2017-2018 season:

Atlantic Division W L PCT GB Home Road Div GP
Boston Celtics 55 27 .671 4.0 27–14 28–13 12–4 82
Eastern Conference
Boston Celtics 55 27 .671 4.0 82

Parting Shot

We all look forward to seeing the overall performance of the Boston Celtics teams this season. Last year, only the Toronto Raptors edged them out with a total of 59 wins and a PCT of .720 overall. Let’s sit tight and cross our fingers this time as we wait eagerly for the action-packed matches to come!