New England Baseball Betting: Bet on Red Sox and MLB

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New Englanders are great fans of baseball. With the 2019 season right around the corner, now is a great time to learn how to wager and enjoy great profits. There are some super sportsbooks that support bets placed on the Red Sox and this team is one of the most successful and loved in the MLB. Here, you can learn about the past performance of the team, how they did in the 2018 season, and the many types of bets you can place on this preferred New England baseball team.

Overview of Red Sox Performance

In 2018, the Red Sox had an amazing season, being the best team in Major League Baseball. They claimed the 2018 World Series title and enjoy a great record with 108 wins under the management of Alex Cora. There have only been a few seasons where the Sox won over 100 games, so 2018 was definitely one of the best years for the franchise.

Throughout the season, this New England baseball team only had a few losing streaks. None of those lasted longer than three games. However, when they lost, they lost badly. Of the 54 losses recorded, 17 of the games were considered a blowout, where the Sox lost by at least five runs.

Coming off a huge season, you can expect the Red Sox to offer endless thrills in 2019 as they maintain much of the same roster. As of now, the only weakness is the relief pitching staff.

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Red Sox 2019 Season Team and Predictions

The 2019 Red Sox season is one that many are looking forward to as the team is coming off a World Series win. This year, the regular season will start on March 8 with an away game versus the Seattle Mariners. The home opener will be on April 9 against the Blue Jays. This year, much of the roster will remain the same, though there have been some bullpen changes.

In terms of individual players, the team will welcome Mookie Betts back, one of the top hitters on the squad. If you are a bettor, keep your eye on this power hitter. He is expected to have another outstanding season in 2019, following his 2018 season that consisted of a .346 batting average with 129 runs scored and 32 home runs hit. Another offensive player that will add to the power of this Major League Baseball team is Benintendi. He has over 650 plate appearances in 2018 with 168 hits and 21 stolen bases.

Based on the current team roster and the strength of individual players, this New England baseball team remains a top choice when it comes to betting options. When you bet on the Red Sox, you can expect some great excitement from games and some super payouts if you bet correctly.

While the team may not enjoy another season with 108 wins, it is expected they will be division winners once again in 2019. With a powerhouse lineup, a strong pitching staff, and great coaching, the 2019 Red Sox season will be one full of thrills, providing you with ample opportunities to bet on Red Sox games and enjoy rewards.

Red Sox 2018 Performance Stats/Standings
Overall Record 108-54
AL East Standing 1st Place
World Series 2018 Won, beating the Dodgers in five games
Manager Alex Cora

Bets to Place on the Red Sox

If you are looking to bet on Red Sox games, you will want to learn of a few of the more popular Major League Baseball bets that are placed. There are many different options you can enjoy, all providing you with a great way to enjoy the 2019 Red Sox season while having the chance to win some stellar payouts. Here are just a few of the popular bets you will find supported at various sportsbooks that offer betting on New England Baseball.

  • Moneyline Bets – This is the most common form of MLB betting and with this, you will choose the winner of the game. Keep in mind that moneyline bets on a favorite team will always pay less than if you bet on the underdog.
  • MLB Totals – With this type of betting, you will wager on how many runs are going to be scored by both teams.
  • MLB Runline – This is the point spread version of betting used with Major League Baseball. The runline is a 1.5 run spread on any game.
  • MLB Futures – These bets can be placed throughout the year, even during the offseason. With these, you can bet on Red Sox action all year and always have great chances at winning. The bets are placed on who you believe will win the World Series, league divisions, and more. You can also bet on individual players with Future bets.